Yatin-Manufacture Procedure Of Faucet

Manufacture Procedure Of Faucet

#59-1 high qualified copper(A+ degree). Lead content under 1.2%.Features: High copper content, high hardness, high purity, not liable to deform.

Advanced die-casting machine from Italy and advanced die-casting technics create the inner structure of the products tight and even.

The best advanced CNC machines combines all the processes of the machining by the computer makes the dimension more accurate and the surface more bright.

Full automatic polish machine from Spain

Full automatic polish machine from Spain

Skilled workers treat the polishing process using difference sand and cotton wheels step by step which lead a very smooth and exquisite surface.Dozens process are all hand-completed shows the strict technical standard in Yatin and shows the Philosophy of high quality Yatin always pursuits 

Every piece of items will be inspected under the strict checking process and standard.

The full automatic and dust-free plating line leads the best technics and the best quality in the industry. 5 layers plated on the 120m long plating line which endows the products resistance ability to strong acid corrosion. Tested by CASS, Yatin products could bear 48 hours.   The unique plating technics create the smooth, even and shining surface to every piece of products. 

Yatin basin mixers use Hungary Kerox ceramic cartridge.Kerox is a very professional cartridge manufacturer have a very good reputation on the quality. The handle felt soft pass the open & close test for 500,000 times.

Yatin mixers use the best aerator from the best manufacturer---Switzerland Neoperl. Well designed Neoperl aerator could filtering different kinds of sediments, mixed with air which makes the  water flow soft and tender. The most important is that the aerator is water saving, up to 30%.

Using the professional torque spanner to install the cartridge, makes the handle felt soft and comfortable. The most important is guarantee a tight seal to avoid any leakage.

The elaborate laser logo  

Every mixer needs to be tested under the 0.75MPa air pressure and 1.6MPa water pressure to guarantee no leakage.After the test, the products will be checked again whether there is scratch or defectives on the surface or any assembling mistakes